The Academy of Realist Art, Boston is an art school that teaches traditional art techniques in drawing classes as well as painting classes, using a curriculum that is modeled on 19th century French academies. Students receive individualized practical instruction advancing at their own pace while working to achieve the highest levels of draftsmanship and painting skills. This intensive and focused teaching methodology has a proven record of success with students enrolling as beginners and those more advanced.

While most of our evening and weekend classes are limited to each semester, you can enroll in Atelier classes at any time. For our printable info brochure, you can download it here.

Interested in drop in sessions with a model for painting or drawing? Please add your name to the email list here and we will notify you when they are available.

New Workshop Available

Landscape Painting with Leo

A two-day intensive on learning the basics in Academic Outdoor Painting- observing the world around you and transcribing it to canvas.  Topics covered will include choosing a view, proportion, design and atmospheric perspective.   Technique and materials will be demonstrated, as will techniques for drawing with the brush, all to break down the seemingly limitless quantity of information we see in the outside world.  Each morning of class will begin with a talk and demonstration, and each student will be worked with individually to develop their paintings throughout the sessions.

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